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Survey on UEB representation of apostrophes and quotation marks

We have now closed our survey on UEB symbols used to represent apostrophes and quotation marks. Out thanks are extended to the 616 respondents and all those who distributed information about the survey to their networks.

More than half the respondents were from the United States and almost 20% were from the United Kingdom. There were ten responders from non-ICEB countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The two options that received the most votes were: Option 1, no change; and Option 3, using dot 3 for all single quotes and apostrophes, and lower "h" and lower "j" for double quotes. Less than 25% of the votes were for the other two options.

There was not a clear favourite between the two preferred options. For example, braille readers preferred option 3 somewhat more than option 1 while educators preferred option 1 somewhat more than option 3.

Detailed results will be sent to the braille authorities of ICEB's member countries with a request for further input. Their recommendations will then be discussed at the next meeting of the ICEB Executive in late November.

A statement of the issue, along with proposed approaches and examples, is given in the following document:

ICEB 6th General Assembly

The ICEB 6th General Assembly was held in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in May 2016. The country reports, papers, and resolutions from the Sixth General Assembly are now available online.

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ICEB has compiled a list of UEB training and resource materials available from its member countries. This list was updated in June 2016.

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